Common Pests Found In South Africa


Pests have accentuated their skills of surviving against pest control products. Though, they haven’t become that much successful even then they have shown a noticeable change in their endurance. Therefore, it has become extremely important for you to take extra precaution. As the pests have shown their endurance, similarly pest removal experts have also uplifted the accuracy and utility of their pest control. Here is the list of top 10 common house pests:

Cockroaches– These pests love to live in warm homes. They prefer to make their home in wall cavities; kitchens etc. cockroaches can eat any kind of food. The biggest concern is their ability of spreading different diseases.

Mice– Mice remain active throughout the year. Mice prefer warm places for nesting. They always chew different packages for accessing food. Along with that they gnaw constantly and damage the furnishings with their sharp teeth. They may also spread some diseases.

Termites– Termites are known as one of the most devastating pests around the globe. They have the ability to damage big structures and buildings.

Rats– Their signs of infestation consists of teeth-mark on electric cables, smear marks and droppings etc. Rats can be so annoying and devastating equally and they can spread different diseases as well.

Textile Pests– These pests are known as cloth moths as well. They lay their sticky eggs over clothes. Larvae do the devastation by eating the upholstery, carpets and clothes. It means they can make a big dent on the beauty of your home.

Wasps– They can be a big problem for your garden and they can get inside the home via open windows. There can be about 25 000 wasps in a big nest of wasps. Wasps form their nests in bushes, trees, wall cavities, lofts, and underground as well.

Ants– Ants invade your house to find food stuff. They make their hub in lawns where they may find the dry soil. Along with that, they may also prefer your home as their destination. They can eat anything in fact everything.

Bed Bugs– Though, their name suggests that they can be easily find in beds, couch etc. but they can be easily found in crevices and cracks as well. It is a bit difficult to control them as they spread quite quickly.

Spiders– Spiders are the scary insects that make their web inside your home. Most of the species are harmless but there are some poisonous species as well such as the Black Widow.

Flies– They can be of different kinds such as fruit flies or bluebottles etc. Flies can spread the bacteria of food poisoning and other different diseases.

We can provide the finest quality of pest control services for removal of different kinds of pests mentioned above. It is not just about the pest control or removal but to make your home is a better place to live in. Our experts have the finest knowledge about different species of pests and the best suited pesticides, insecticides for their removal therefore pre or post construction treatment will guarantee results.

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