Soil Poisoning/Pre and Post Construction Pest control

Termites, rodents and other pests can dent your desires of having a pest free premise. Therefore, it will be better to take the right measures at the very beginning rather than waiting for things to get out of control. This is the reason Pre-construction pest control measure can be a wise move.

What is soil poisoning?

It can be considered as the control measure for subterranean termites. It can be a highly effective move while building a new structure. You can build your dream home quite easily, but it may be hard to keep it protected from the presence of termites and other annoying pests. Therefore, soil poisoning can be extremely useful here, as it helps in keeping termites and other pests away from your construction. Pre construction pest control can be as great move for making your home protected from all kinds of pests.

Subterranean termites can damage your property to the level you can’t even imagine. It will be a smart move to do the proper soil treatment before laying down the foundation. This will help in keeping the subterranean termites and other pests away from your structure.

How the soil poisoning is done?

This process involves drilling the holes that are one meter apart around the foundations’ parameter. After that the termiticide pumped into the soil via such drilled holes for saturating the ground. Novices can’t do that effectively. Therefore, it will be better to take help of experts for the doing the work with precision.

We offer the most effective, relevant and affordable services for termite and pest control. If you are looking for Termite control construction services, then we are the perfect solution for your requirements. You will be amazed to know that the termites have the potential to destroy the whole construction. This is why; most of the buildings are treated with soil poisoning measures to stay safe from the termite effect.

Our goal is not only to eradicate the termites but also preventing the further infestation of termites by creating barriers on possible entry points of termites.

Types of Soil Poisoning

It will be good for you to know about the types of soil poisoning mentioned underneath-

By using Repellent Termiticide- Such kind of termiticide perform by establishing a treated area around the house that is toxic to the termites. The termites prefer avoiding the soil enriched with the repellent termiticide. It is one of the most used measures during pre-construction.

By using the non-repellant termiticide– These kinds of termiticide create confusion among termites and they become unable to identify that soil sin enriched with the termiticide. Therefore, they don’t avoid the treated area and leads to the eradication of the termites.

Whether it is pre construction or the post construction pest control services we are always at your service. Our main goal is to deliver the most efficient pest control services to our wide range of clients.

Why you should choose us?

It is literally a million dollar question. Termites are gaining in numbers quite rapidly; therefore, it is wise to take right and effective measures for their removal before it gets too late. We have the finest measures along with the ability to perform as per the requirements of our clients. Here are some of the attributes that make us different from the rest-

  • Enriched with the contemporary tools and non-toxic chemicals for termites and other pests removal.
  • Highly dedicated and experienced team of professionals.
  • Customized solutions for the best experience.
  • Work with proper safety measures and guidelines.
  • Legally authorized professionals.
  • Plenty years of experience has transformed our performance into perfection.

Along with that we can also serve you with different other exciting and useful services. Whether it is an industrial scenario or a home our smart measures are literally like a death sign for the termites and other irritating pests that may try to invade.

If you are about to construct a new building then you can make use of our pre-construction pest control services. There can be some people who may have missed out at the first time but, they can take advantage of our post construction services.

If termites or any other pest become successful to pierce and get into your home, then it is like a warning sign for you. They can destroy everything and along with that, they may also affect your health and hygiene.

But you have no need to worry as we are here to help you. If it’s your new construction site or an already constructed home, our solution are there for your complete assistance. Our experts deliver our services to ensure the maximum casualty of termites and other pests and make your place free from their grip.

We are authorised professionals with loads of experience. Here we deliver our services with no half measures. Our experts are committed to make your space pests-free so that you may breathe easy. Termites can be a big issue especially with new construction sites, therefore it will be good to thrash them straight away rather than waiting for them to occupy.

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