Termite species in South Africa

Irrespective of their size, termites can be serious demolishers. There are plenty of varieties of termites all around the globe. In South Africa you may find the below mentioned variety of termites:

Cryptotermes spp. (native) – These kinds of termites are also known as Drywood termites. They can be found everywhere in South Africa. Their entire colony resides inside wood. Therefore, they can be extremely dangerous if you have a large range of wooden stuff at your place whether it is your home or office. Colonies of these termites consist of reproductive, soldier, king and queen. The infestation of the Drywood termite is quite hard to detect as they eat up the whole wood structure from the inside without even you knowing about it. Therefore, it is quite essential to keep an eye on their movement.

Coptotermes spp.– Due to the need for food sources, these termites need to move above the surface sometimes. For that reason they craft mud-tunnels. These tunnels are highly proficient for termites as they protect termites from potential enemies and secondly to control the humidity in the air for preventing desecration. They make their nests underground. Most of their volumes are found in the Western Cape and Gauteng. This specie is considered as one of the most dangerous specie in South Africa as they seriously damage trees and timber structure in homes and offices.

Neotermes spp.– They make their nests in rotten pockets of dead or living trees. They also live in damp rotten logs etc. These types of termites are a bit different in their food preferences as they prefer grass rather than wood as their food.  Therefore, these termites are a really big problem for people who have lawns. Along with that, they can also aim at to eat thatch roof and that can also prove costly for you. If you take a look at the physical difference, then these termites are darker in color than the other two types of termites.

Just like ants, the queen and king in colony of termites are responsible for the reproduction. Quantity of workers is the largest in colony and they perform all the odd jobs for the betterment of their colony. Some of their duties are making tunnels, excavation of nests, grooming, and feeding etc. along with the workers there are soldiers as well who are always ready to defend their colony at any cost. These soldiers may be loaded with chemical spray, sticky fluids or large deadly jaws.

Alates are also there whose duty is to form new colonies. They are also known as the winged reproductive. Above mentioned species of termites are some of the most terrifying and dangerous species as the damage done by them can be devastating. Though, with the right precautions and safety measures the invasion of termites can be restricted to a great extent.

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