Megatrax offers effective termite and pest control treatment and eradication solutions. With 30 years of experience and effectively handling countless projects, we make sure that your requirements are being fulfilled with utmost care for pre-and post-construction.

Your home could be under attack by plenty of tiny terrorists that may damage your furniture and other valuables. These tiny terrorists are none other than termites. If you want to protect your home it is time to make use of our termite control services.

There are about 2800 species of termites on planet earth. Termite control services can be extremely effective for absolute protection whether it is your home or office space.


Types of Termites and Damages they can cause

Drywood termites– As the name suggests Drywood termites make their home inside wood. They prefer to make their rooms inside window frames, doorframes as well as attics.

Damage they can cause– They eat the wood from within and damage the whole furniture and other wood structures.


Formosan Termites– Such termites are one of the most vicious termites of all kinds. These termites may affect wood structures and construction as well as goods made with a cellulose base.

Damage they can cause– They may invade live trees and boats.


Subterranean Termites– These kind of termites prefer to live underground by making colonies there. Their main food source is wood. Therefore they can be extremely devastating to any structure at home or at office premises.

Damage they can cause– Such termites can destroy insulation, plastic pipes, support beams, and home foundations etc.


Termite and Pest control is needed to make your home free from the unhygienic and unwanted presence of termites and other pests. Elimination of pesky insect and rodents from your home along with maintaining the beauty of your shrubs and trees.


Significance of Termite Inspection

Termite inspection is quite vital for determining the best suited method for termite control. Our Termite experts visit the place and inspect the situation and discover the type of termite your premises is suffering from with and what can be the right measures for removing such invaders.


Methods of Termite Removal

Plenty of termite control methods can be used for removing termites. Some of the methods are mentioned underneath-

Treatment for Subterranean Termites– Application of relevant termiticide can be a good way of removing termites. It will be good to apply termiticide around and under the house. Such kind of treatment creates a protection barrier around the structure and determines the potential entry points of termites. We also apply the termiticide on infested wood surfaces.

Treatment for the Drywood Termites– Drywood termites can be treated in many effective ways such as heat treatment and gas fumigation. If you consider the gas fumigation method of termite removal, then it can be highly effective. Here are some of the advantages of using this gas-

  • It’s non-flammable.
  • Doesn’t harm electronics and other valuable items.
  • It gets out of your home quickly after the removal of fumigation tent.
  • Doesn’t leave any residual on household items as it completely dissolves into the air.
  • Penetrates the walls effectively to reach the termites.

It is really hard to determine the damage termites can cause. Therefore, it will be wise to utilize and establish the best methods of controlling the termites and other harmful insects invading into your premises. How to treat termites is also a matter of concern, it is advisable to keep an eye on the effectiveness of termite control methods. In some of the cases, it may be possible that termites may have developed the ability to survive against some of the chemicals or controlling methods.

We are the Signature of Excellence

Megatrax with its 30 years of excellence provides the utmost and most relevant termite treatment services. We are a team of highly skilled professionals and we are registered Pest Control Operators.

Pre and Post Construction Methods

Pre-construction services are quite helpful in keeping the termites away from your premises since day one. We apply methods for controlling termites to prevent the pre-construction site from termites. It is highly beneficial method for the long-term.

If you didn’t make use of pre-construction methods, then you can do a post-construction method of termite control. We apply the chemicals for termite removal underneath the foundation.

Our Site Inspection can make the Difference

Without experiencing and analyzing the scenario it is a tough to determine the type of termites affecting the place and what level of operation is required for the termite removal.  Our experts visit your property and after checking your place thoroughly they provide the report and prepare and suitable plan of action.

Our methods are equally effective whether it is residential, industrial or commercial premises. We provide our termite treatment services for gardens, lawns, construction sites, structural and for soil poisoning.

Right Safety Measures and Smart Methods for the Best Outcome

It is not just a matter of spreading the gas fumes for removing termites but performing such activity with precision. Therefore, we pay attention to using contemporary methods and measures to ensure the best possible outcome regarding termite and pest removal.

We have experts who know the right, safe, and effective way of applying termiticide. Along with that we also make sure that you stay safe.

Termites are tiny in size but their destruction can be uncountable. It is not just related to your wooden furniture as now they are enhancing their reach to the next level.

Our methods are the outcome of our dedicated performance and experience that rewarded us with precision in performance. All our pest and termite control services are available at affordable prices.

Our mode of working is quite simple and effective-

First we do a thorough inspection of the site i.e. and then we prepare a report on the areas inspected by us. After that we form an action plan accordingly for the removal of termites.

We also do chemical soil treatment in which we treat the sub-floor and perimeter of the building to restrict the termites from entering into the building through the treated area of soil.

Regular follow ups are highly recommended to make sure your place stay safe from termites, rodents and other pests.

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