These are plants with a commercial application and may may only be grown in demarcated areas (or biological control reserves). See the Government Gazette listed below for details relating to demarcated areas. Other provisions of category 1 apply.

Declared Weeds & Alien Invader Plants – Category 2

Acacia cyclops A.Cunn. ex G.Don Red eye Invader
Acacia decurrens (Wendi.) Willd. Green wattle Invader
Acacia meamsii De Wild. Black wattle Invader
Acacia melanoxylon R.Br. Australian blackwood Invader
Acacia saligna (Labill.) H.L.Wendl. Port Jackson Invader
Agave sisalana Perrine Sisal Invader
Atriplex nummularia Lindl. Old man saltbush Invader
Casuarina cunninghamiana Miq. Beefwood Invader (Not for use in dune stabilisation)
Casuarina equisetifolia L. Horsetail tree Invader (Not for use in dune stabilisation)
Eucalyptus camaldulensis Dehnh. Red river gum Invader
Eucalyptus cladocalyx F.Muell. Sugar gum Invader
Eucalyptus diversicolor F.Muell. Karri Invader
Eucalyptus grandis W.Hill ex Maiden Saligna gum, Rose gum Invader
Eucalyptus paniculata Sm. Grey ironbark Invader
Eucalyptus sideroxylon A.Cunn. Black ironbark, Red ironbark Invader
Gleditsia triacanthos L. Honey locust, Sweet locust Invader (Excluding sterile cultivars)
Hypericum perforatum L. St. John’s wort, Tipton weed Invader
Pinus canariensis C.Sm. Canary pine Invader
Pinus elliotti Engelm. Slash pine Invader
Pinus halepensis Mill. Aleppo pine Invader
Pinus patula Schltdl. & Cham. Patula pine Invader
Pinus pinaster Aiton Cluster pine Invader
Pinus radiata D.Don Radiata pine, Monterey pine Invader
Pinus roxburghii Sarg. Chir pine, longifolia pine Invader
Pinus taeda L. Loblolly pine Invader
Populus alba L. White poplar Invader
Populus x canescens (Aiton) Sm. Grey poplar, Matchwood poplar Invader
Prosopis glandulosaTorr. Var. and hybrids Honey mesquite Invader
Prosopis velutina Wooton and hybrids Velvet mesquite Invader
Psidium guajava L. and hybrids Guava Invader
Ricinus communis L Castor – oil plant Invader
Robinia pseudoacacia L. Black locust Invader (Only for use as rootstock if authorised by Executive Officer in terms of regulation 15B(10))
Rorippa nasturtium – aquaticum (L.) Watercress Invader
Rubus fruticosus L. agg. European blackberry Invader
Salix babylonica L. Weeping willow Invader (Not to be confused with indigenous species)
Salix fragilis L. Crack or brittle willow Invader (Not to be confused with indigenous species)
Sorghum halepense (L.) Pers. Johnson grass, Aleppo grass Invader

These lists have been compiled from the information published in R.280 in the Government Gazette Vol 429: No 22166 of the 30 March 2001. R280 contains amendments to the regulations pertaining to the Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act no 43 of 1983. For more information regarding these regulations, please see the Government Gazette (available from the Government Printer: Pretoria or Cape Town).

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